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(with the wildly original title)

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Who am I?

I'm a professional writer and a reviewer of popular culture in all its forms. I've done stints in radio, journalism and as manager of a video store. Ask me anything about movies, television, music or especially comics and you’ll be hard pressed to shut me up. I'm married to a beautiful attorney named Jennifer and have a broken one-eyed kitty named Spooky.

I'm currently forever working on several endless online and offline writing projects, including a cyberpunk thriller that makes Pulp Fiction look like a Care Bear picnic entitled The Beast Without, as well as others too numerous to mention - like the far future epic where sea mammals plot to wipe out what's left of the human race... or the one about the aging ex-rock star who has paranormal vision and knows the Weekly World News is all true... or maybe something completely different.

My baby is the comic review website Comic Widows and especially my regular opinion column Sweating the Small Stuff. Please also visit the Comic Widows discussion board at Comics Uncovered.

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I also write a monthly review of the Marvel comic, The New Avengers, for the Avengers Forever website.

I'm also the owner/moderator of the Writer Circle Yahoo Group - just voted one of Writer's Digest's 2006 "101 Best Websites for Writers." Our three major objectives are critique, feedback and support.

I'm also the owner and moderator of Poet Circle, Writer Circle’s sister group specifically for poets and their work. I'm a member of three in-person writers’ groups, nearly a dozen online writers’ groups and I post regularly in many interest groups at Yahoo! and Tribe.net.

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I am also the Founder and an occasional Chat Moderator at the The Writers Chatroom, formerly the Fear of Writing Chatroom, that features writing guests of all kinds and authors from many genres and more.

A Virgo in my late thirties (or at least I was when I wrote this a long time ago), I confess a love for 1980s heavy metal hair bands, trash television, Kate Bush, talk radio, the History Channel, alternative music, chocolate, Hong Kong flicks and Godzilla movies. When I'm not reading comic books or eating French fries, I like to make fun of things I don’t understand, as well as things I do understand. Currently I can’t seem to get the "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley out of my head and I'm actively stalking that red-haired chick from "Tales of the City."

Penned by myself and my friend Andrea, The Downward Spiral (currently on hiatus, but wait 'til it starts up again...) is an ongoing, collaborative, imaginary web blog of a semi-alcoholic twenty-something slacker whose life is in crisis.

Read my movie reviews at Welcome to Hell and please also check out my Ryze and Bookcrossing pages. I also sometimes do comic book reviews at Pretty/Scary.

I'm also a greedy materialist like most human beings. If you want to buy my love, Amazon.com has provided the means with this completely unreasonable list. It's only for silly people who like throwing vast amounts of money at worthless causes like selfish writers obsessed with collecting more and more 'stuff.'

And then there's this Live Journal thing, and you can also visit me at MySpace here and here.

Isn't that enough?

And folks wonder why I have no time and I'm constantly stressed out. ;-)

At least I'm still alive.

For the moment.

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